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Chicago Stainless Equipment Sanitary gau

Chicago Stainless Equipment Distributor

Bentzoni Machine is a local distributor that offers Chicago Stainless Equipment which is the oldest manufacturer of 3-A approved sanitary pressure gauges with over 80 years of experience.

Visit CSE and pick out the sanitary gauges and instrumentation products you need and tell us by filling out the product quote form. We will get you a price quote.

Order the following and much more:

  • Sanitary pressure gauges

  • Digital thermometers

  • Temperature sensors

  • Sanitary pressure gauges

In addition to providing quality equipment, our experts will work closely with you on projects. We will provide the technical expertise that will allow you to complete your project with confidence.

About Chicago Stainless Equipment (CSE)

Chicago Stainless Equipment was founded in 1937 when the company began making milk storage tanks. Over the years, the company has been involved in packaging, filling and pasteurization design and manufacturing. In the mid 1950's the company made the first sanitary pressure gauge for use on their storage tanks. The gauge was the first of its kind and received a U.S. patent for the unique design. Today all sanitary pressure gauges use principles similar to our original design, however, no other manufacturer has as much experience, or can match our high standards, and exceptional service.


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