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Cesco Magnetics Distributor

Bentzoni Machine is a local distributor that offers Cesco Magnetics which is the leading supplier of sanitary grade, magnetic separation equipment.

Visit Cesco Magnetics and pick out the sanitary magnetic traps you need and tell us by filling out the product quote form. We will get you a price quote.

Order the following and much more:

  • Sanitary magnetic traps

In addition to providing quality equipment, our experts will work closely with you on projects. We will provide the technical expertise that will allow you to complete your project with confidence.

About Cesco Magnetics

CESCO Magnetics is the leading supplier of sanitary grade, magnetic separation (Metal Separation, Magnetic Plate, Magnets for Liquids & magnetic equipments) for the beverage, food, personal care, pharmaceutical and many other industries that demand the highest performance when it comes to capturing and removing metal trash from liquid or dry processing lines.

CESCO has more than 60 years experience designing and manufacturing standard and custom separators for a wide variety of processing lines from bulk solids to liquids.

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